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Hello :3

Welcome to my little cubby hole of the internet!

I hope you stay a while!

Hello!! im Pluto! Im hoping to devlop this into a cute and cozy place!! Im very new at all this so it will probably take a while for me to finish. i love making friends so feel free to hit me up if youd like to talk ever! I hope you enjoy your trip here! feel free so comment something in my CBox!!

below are a few of my favorite neocities!

I always go to these sites when I need inspiration.

Update log


I actually got my about and journal (plutos brain) up!! Ive also linked a few of my favorite neocities. I have no clue why my links are so far away, so for now im settling for it. it looks like they are running away from each other ;-; but Ive spent hours trying to figure it out to no solution.


I figured out how to add pages! I added links to them but they are far from ready. I'm excited to get more done!!


finally got this up and running hopefully soon i can figure out how to code more pages!!


NAME: Pluto


The current mood of nep at www.imood.com

SOTD: Mememe -100 gecs

Currently Watching: JJBA

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