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I really like space and cats if you cant tell. Some of my favorite games are are Viva pinata, undertale, Tekken, and terraria. I really like the animes Neon Genesis Evangelion, Mob Psycho, bananya, and lain. Some other random things I really like areStuffed animals, Good Mythical Morning, and music. My most listened to genres of music are indie, art pop, rock, vocaloid, and I really like experimental! if you ever have music suggestions pls leave them in my CBox! I'll listen to it and let you know if i like it if youd like!! My hobbies include cosplay/costuming, film making, special effects makeup, face painting, and playing games! I have been doing cosplay for quite a long time and have even won awards for it! Film making has been a passion of mine since the second grade and i am hoping to pursue it as a career.


Viva Pinata

This has been a game I've been playing since I was so little. It holds a very special place in my heart. For people who do not know what it is, Viva pinata is a game series and television show that aired on 4kidz TV. It is about sentient pinatas whose goal is to go to a children's birthdays, well most pinatas that is...(/ref) Although it was on the DS and desktop as well, it was most popular on the Xbox360. The studio behind Viva Pinata is Rare. They are most notably known for banjo and Kazooie! You mostly collect animals to come live in your garden, so if you are a fan of farming or collecting type games I highly recommend it.


I absolutely love music and finding new music. If you are reading this you should totally put recommendations in my cbox :D. Currently (8/31/21) i have been listening to a lot of Of Montreal, The 1975, Crywank, Otto, and smashing pumpkins. I really love every type of music! I'll listen to anything people suggest to me :). Ive had a huge appreciation to music since i was very little. I wanted to be a musician for a very long time as well and even tried to compose some songs! (i am not good though LOL) I hope to have a whole Shrine on music and all the helpful ways to find, organize and read about music that i have found over the years (organization especially if you have spotify).


All my life i have grown up with cats in my life. I love them so dearly and they are my favorite animal. Everything about them is so lovely to me. I have even had up to 5 cats at one point, but currently I have three! I really love all animals but cats just hold a very special place in my heart. 2012 cat memes era is when i thrived. The highlight of my week would be logging onto my computer to check out #caturday posts as a kid... I watched so many episodes of Jackson Galexy's cat show and cats 101. I would go to library very often as a kid and i would always check out one book about cats constantly reading about diffrent breeds and how to take care of them. I would spend hours searching up anything to do with cats as a kid. I think dogs are cool but I really love cats

Neon Genesis Evangelion

[spoiler free] I am a big fan of psychological media in general, but NGE is my favorite. Don't get me wrong, there are problems with it but i find it so fasinating. I Love to build theories and explore and break down the thought processes of the charecters. I really appriciate the complexity and how all them are flawed. NGE has a very complicated and quite confusing (to most) story. The un answered questions, difficult to understand parts, and odd imagry often drive people away, which is completely understandable. It is undeniably not for everyone. I found all the weirdness of it intriguing. I am that dumb ass though that has watched hours and hours of explainations for it.

Stuffed Animals

My grandma got me into stuffed animal collecting when I was a little kid with beanie babies. She collected Beanie Babies and gave me the ones she found. I don't think she realized that at that moment my life course was completely altered. I still have most of them to this day. Sadly, My family had a big move when I was 9 and had to downsize a considerable amount. I then got into build a bear! Build a bear (and Build a Bearville) had a huge impact on me as a kid and still collect to this day. I now have many diffrent collections which i hope to add to my website eventually 0o0

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